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Anderson Family Project

I picked Ms. Anderson when I drove for Uber and she told me her story about her having to quit her job after 15 years to take care of her family! her Moms house got ruined in storms and Ms. Anderson moved all three in her home. She told me she tried habitat for humanity and couldn’t get help with the home.

Mother and 2 Brothers got into a major car accident, leaving one brother Blind and One brother wheelchair bound, with the Mom in and out of the hospital with surgeries. 

I gave her my card and said reach out, never know, I might be able to help. She emails me a month later! I go pick her up the next week and go to this house and it has been squatted on and just destroyed. I saw kid toys in a room no human should live in and I made a promise, I had no clue how I would pull it off. 

Well 2 hours in, I had Home Depot on the phone with a store manager I knew and got a meeting with her to submit grants hopefully up to $30,000, materials, and volunteers.

I surprised Ms. Anderson with a phone call same day we saw the home and gave her the news. I recorded the phone call, with her permission. Here is the link 

Her and her daughter and grandson went with me to tell the store manager their story, which I invited them to on the call. The store manager not only told them they will be there but asked if they had a tree. They said no, and she took them out there and let the little boy pick out the tree, decorations, couple toys, and it was truly amazing. 

The Government shut down delayed us from accepting grants and beginning this project. We are about to ramp this project up and we are very excited!

This is how the foundation was started but its purpose is far bigger.


Our Military

At The Reset Foundation, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue.... 

We admittedly,  tear down a human being, to build a soldier! That is what must be done to survive in war.

Why do we not have a Boot Camp for Humanity, where we take in our soldiers and rebuild the human inside to help adjust from a soldier world back to a civilian one?

This question will be answered by The Reset Foundation, and we will push to become a check out process for every soldier that serves and makes the ultimate sacrifices. WE WILL HELP AND SUPPORT THEM!


The Reset Resort

With this initiative, and with access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to go back into their life they didn't want, but forced to accept.

Fundraising will be starting soon for this movement of Life and the resort to be built starting in 2019.